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Planning a trip to Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, known as Abu Dhabi, is a place that captivates the hearts and eyes of all those who enter. The astounding beauty of the state-of-the-art skyscrapers, the vast expanse of the desert, and the beauty of the culture are all parts of what makes Abu Dhabi a wonderful traveling destination. Abu Dhabi's urbanization, has transformed the city into a large cultural centre. Abu Dhabi offers the opportunity to understand the UAE's history through its museums, exhibitions and tours. Abu Dhabi is a location that is constantly evolving. Yet, despite the technological advancements and amazing quality of life, the city continues to return to the highly valued traditions. Whatever you seek to find, whether at souks, beaches, or out in the dunes, Abu Dhabi has something for you.

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Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Things to do in Abu Dhabi , Shopping
Marina Mall is not the only place to get amazing deals on cultural souvenirs and globally known fashion. Head out to the Arabian souks, or market, like the Madinat Zayed Gold Souk, for amazing bargains on jewelry, Persian carpets, and other things. What makes souks unlike any other Shopping experience in the world is the price-haggling that happens often. Give your bargaining skills a try!
Things to do in Abu Dhabi , Cultural Excursions & Desert Tours
Cultural Excursions & Desert Tours
Since Abu Dhabi is a melting pot of Middle Eastern and global cultures, there are a slew of fascinating excursions and tours to try. One of the best for sightseeing and history would be the boat tours that take you out onto the water and move around the marinas. Sunset is the best time for one of these tours, because the sun is so vibrant then. Then there are desert tours that give you a chance to visit the dunes and places like Liwa Oasis. Do not forget to try out “dune bashing.” This refers to the unique entertainment that happens out in the desert, like sandboarding down dunes, riding ATVs, camel racing, and Bedouin barbecue dinners under the perfect night sky.
Things to do in Abu Dhabi , Abu Dhabi Beaches
Abu Dhabi Beaches
There are scores of Abu Dhabi Beaches in and around Abu Dhabi; and these beaches are some of the finest in the world. If you want luxurious white sand, pristine sparkling water, and hours to do nothing but bathe in the sun, then these beaches are your paradise.
Things to do in Abu Dhabi , Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks
There are several Amusement Parks in Abu Dhabi that deserve some attention! Whatever your interests, there is one for you: Bollywood Parks, Yas Waterworld, and Ferrari World are just a few.

Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi , The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
The Falcon Hospital is too awesome to call “an attraction.” Because this is an actual veterinary hospital, gatherings of large groups is prohibited. However, there are guided tours that offer the chance to get up close to falcons and learn all about the ethnic art of using these birds as messengers and scouts.
Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi , Heritage Village & Women’s Craft Centre
Heritage Village & Women’s Craft Centre
Nothing gives you a clearer picture of life in the Middle East than these two locations. The Heritage Center recreates a Bedouin village, complete with a simple mosque to depict how life was lived in the past. As for the Craft Centre, this is where the Women’s Union gathers to weave baskets, apply henna tattoos, and make textiles.
Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi , The Corniche
The Corniche
See all the sights without leaving one of the best locations in the city! The Corniche is a lengthy walking route that weaves through green spaces, areas dotted with cafes and restaurants, and concert locations. You never know what might pop up along The Corniche.
Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi , Saadiyat and Lulu Islands
Saadiyat and Lulu Islands
These two islands are where the locals go to have fun. Access by ferry to enjoy beach-related activities, camel riding, sightseeing, performing arts venues, and exclusively for Saadiyat, branch locations of the Guggenheim and Louvre museums.

Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi , Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
The mosque of Sheikh Zayed is the third largest in the world. The classic architecture is accompanied by Italian marble, gemstones, crystals, and ceramics. You are allowed to tour the mosque, even as a non-Muslim. The tours are about 45 minutes in length and take you on a historical journey.
Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi , Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum (also known as Al Ain Palace Museum)
Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum (also known as Al Ain Palace Museum)
Noted by many as the must-see attraction of Abu Dhabi, the Palace Museum is comprehensive and fascinating. The self-guided tour through the incredible complex takes around an hour. Be sure to stop by the gardens and the diplomat rooms.
Tourist Attractions in Abu Dhabi , Qasr al-Hosn (also known as the Old Fort or White Fort)
Qasr al-Hosn (also known as the Old Fort or White Fort)
Being that this is one of the oldest structures in Abu Dhabi, Al-Hosn Palace has quite some history to discover and sights to see. The sultan once ruled from this location, but now the White Ford serves as a place of heritage and education. Do not pass up the chance to visit, because admission is free

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