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About Greece

The beautiful Greece is located on the eastern part of the Mediterranean in Southern Europe. Athens is known not only as a capital, but also for many historical and important sights from ancient times, such as the Acropolis. Other major cities in the country are Patras, Thessaloniki, Piraeus or Heraklion.
Although it is often mentioned in connection with beautiful beaches and romantic fishing villages, Greece actually consists of large parts of mountains, and is therefore classified as mountainous resort.
But most of the holidaymakers want to spend a relaxing holiday on the beautiful coastal cities with a mediteran flair.

Ancient Greece

Greece is known for its high culture in antiquity, from which important achievements such as philosophy, natural sciences or classical Greek architecture emerges. But, especially in medicine, great knowledge was gained in ancient Greece, especially from the most famous physician of antiquity, Hippocrates. He is considered to be one of the most influential founders of medicine as a science. But also the Olympic Games have their origin in ancient Greece, for the first time they took place around 700 BC.
The history and development of European civilization was decisively influenced by the influence of ancient Greece.

Greece today

Greece is now one of the most diverse countries in Europe due to the great climatic differences between the coasts and the mountains, as well as the mild climate. More than 900 species, as well as a variety of medicinal plants, can be found in Greece.
In ten national parks and two marine national parks they are protected. Greece also shares in the 'Green Belt' of Europe, a nature conservation initiative with more than 12500 km of landscape protection area.
Visitors often like to visit the historical monuments and impressive temples, scattered all over the country, like on the largest and most famous islands such as Crete, Corfu, Rhodes or Samos.

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