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Albania (Albanian indeterminate: Shqipëri, destined: Shqipëria), officially the Republic of Albania (Albanian Republic, Shqipërisë), is a state in South-Eastern Europe and / or on the Balkan Peninsula. The Albanian state bordered Montenegro and Kosovo in the north, Macedonia in the east and Greece in the south. The natural western border is formed by the coasts of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, making the country one of the mediterranean countries. The capital and the largest city in the country is Tirana.
Albania is a democratically constituted parliamentary republic. According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Albania is among the most advanced countries on the planet.Since the end of communism, important steps have been taken to improve the economic and social situation. Albania, however, is still one of the poorest countries in Europe.
The country is a member of the United Nations, NATO, CEFTA, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, the Council of Europe, the Cooperation Council for South Eastern Europe, the OSCE and the candidate for membership of the European Union since 24 June 2014. Albania is also a member of the World Trade Organization and the World Bank.


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